Hong Kong Spelling Bee 2020

Hong Kong Spelling Bee is a competition where we asked participants to spell a selection of words with a varying degree of difficulty. Children must spell out the words correctly within 10 seconds. It is a fun experience to help children improve their spelling and increase their vocabularies. As Jim Rohn said, “vocabulary enables us to interpret and to express. If you have a limited vocabulary, you will have a limited vision and a limited future.” Therefore it is important for children to learn wide varieties of words in order for them to read and explore the world.


Winner of Hong Kong Spelling Bee 2020

🥇Gold : Tsang Yau Hei

🥈Silver : Li Ho Fung Damon

🥉Bronze (alphabetically) : Adriel Tam, Lo Cheuk Nam, Ng Yu Hin, Tse Cheuk Wing Lorraine


We hope to see more of you next year!