How to use

Macaroni Phonics and Reading Workbook

There are 7 activities in each chapter, and each exercise features a learning focus. There is a cute, fun-filled story on the first page of each chapter. Begin the chapter by reading the story to your child. Teach them how to read the words in bold and encourage them to repeat after you.

Words and Sounds

There are 4 activities in each chapter that help children recognise the letter and its sound. These exercises will introduce words that contain the letter sound in focus. Read the words with your children so they become more aware of the words that contain the letter sound.


Moving on to the first activity page, we have rhymes in each letter chapter. Rhymes are fun and can help children memorise sounds. Chant the little rhyme in each chapter to practise the sound and make learning exciting. Trace the letter in upper and lowercase characters to practise handwriting.

Creative Activity

It is important to relate knowledge to every child’s personal experience. Each chapter ends with a creative activity that allows your child to express their creativity through different drawing exercises related to the chapter. Let your imagination run wild!


Just learning the words is not enough. The reading passage is filled with words taught in the previous activities to help children put them in context. The reading activity comes with comprehension questions to help children develop the ability to read and understand what they have read.

Read the passage with your child. Encourage them to repeat the words they have learnt in the previous exercises. Explain any words they don’t understand and guide them in finding the answer to each question.

Online Support

We are honored to be able to help along the journey. We have created some helpful supporting material to help along the way. Simply subscribe to our online system to get access to all the extra supporting material. A review of all the letter sounds will also be included.

You now have all the tools needed to go on this wonderful learning adventure with Ramen.