Resources And Impact

Combining online and offline learning with music, videos and interactive classes, we are here to effortlessly enhance children’s English proficiency!

English Reading Assessment
  • Online and Offline Assessments
Home Learning
  • Exercise Materials – Macaroni Workbook
  • Online Videos
  • Playful Jingles
Face-to-Face Classes
  • BeeSmart Phonics
  • Little Geniuses Reading Programme x Reading Club

“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader” by Margaret Fuller

Children’s brains develop rapidly between the age of 2 and 6 – this is when they absorb and learn at a fascinating rate!

Our comprehensive teaching does not only familiarise students with phonics, but also expand their mental lexicon – through guided reading during classes, children are introduced to new words (noticing) which they memorise (storing) through learning activities and are able to recall (retrieving) in the future. In time, children will excel in reading, spelling and understanding these vocabularies.